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Product liability: Heinz gravy labels leave off allergens

Food product recalls can be frightening for many individuals, especially those with allergies. Food allergies can cause severe reactions that could potentially lead to medical treatment or even fatalities. If individuals are negatively affected in such a manner due to an issue with a product, they may have cause to file product liability claims.

Louisiana residents may possibly be affected by a recent recall. Reports indicated that Heinz issued a voluntary recall for their Homestyle Bistro Au Jus Gravy due to mislabeling. The product apparently has a label indicating that it is a pork gravy, which is not what is actually in the containers. As a result, the products do not have soy and milk disclosed as allergens on the containers. 

Fatal Louisiana crash could lead to wrongful death claim

Though many individuals may know that they could potentially file a civil claim after losing a loved one in a car accident, they may have concerns if the driver considered at fault also died in the crash. However, a wrongful death claim could be filed against the estate of the driver deemed responsible if he or she is also killed. This type of claim could allow the family of the victim to seek compensation.

One family in Louisiana may be interested in taking such a route after a recent accident. Reports stated that a 21-year-old man was driving a vehicle south when he failed to stop for traffic. As a result, the man's car crashed in the back of an 18-wheeler. It was noted that the driver of the car was traveling at an excessive speed. 

Automobile accident injures adult, children at Louisiana daycare

When individuals are inside buildings, they may think they are protected from the many dangers of the outside world. Unfortunately, there are incidents that could take place that could cause parties inside buildings to be injured. If an automobile accident occurs in which a vehicle collides with a building, there is a chance that serious injuries could result for the occupants. 

It was recently reported that an accident in Louisiana took place when a car crashed into a daycare center. Apparently, the driver of the vehicle was at the location to pick up a child when the vehicle continued traveling into the building. The accident took place at approximately 4:30 p.m. Additional details on what may have caused the acceleration were not given in the report.

Truck accidents: Fatal Louisiana crash caused by dump truck

Fatal car crashes are incidents that individuals likely hear about on a regular basis. Though they may find these car and truck accidents to be unfortunate, this type of situation may be considerably different for those who were directly involved or whose loved ones were involved. Because accidents may lead to serious injuries or deaths, the impacts of such incidents can be far-reaching. 

It was recently reported that a serious accident involving a dump truck took place in Louisiana. Apparently, the 26-year-old man driving the dump truck failed to stop at a stop sign, and as a result, a vehicle being driven by a 29-year-old man struck the back of the truck. The car then began to spin and was hit by a pickup truck.

Wrongful death: Teen boy killed in Louisiana crash

A recent accident in Louisiana could lead to a civil claim due to the negative outcomes. The family of a 15-year-old individual may wish to file a wrongful death claim after the teen was involved in a serious crash with an unlicensed driver behind the wheel. An SUV and a fertilizer truck were reportedly involved in the incident.

Reports stated that a 17-year-old girl was driving the SUV with her mother in the front passenger seat. The 15-year-old boy was a passenger in the backseat of that vehicle. The teen driver apparently came to a stop at a flashing yellow light before pulling into an intersection and into the path of the truck. The truck collided with the driver's side of the SUV, which caused the SUV to overturn. 

Product liability: Taco seasoning recalled for allergy risk

Having food allergies can make many Louisiana residents cautious about what that they consume. As a result, correct food labels can be especially important to these individuals as they may disclose potential allergens in products. If an individual consumes a product with an undisclosed allergen, there may be grounds to file a product liability claim.

It was recently reported that McCormick & Company issued a recall due to an incorrectly labeled product. The affected product was reported as being a taco seasoning in a bottle labeled dairy-free. However, the seasoning in the bottle contains whey, which could cause individuals with milk allergies to suffer negative reactions. Among those reactions could be hives, stomach upset or an even more severe consequence of anaphylaxis. 

Car accidents: Man, child killed in Louisiana

Too often, innocent lives are claimed as a result of vehicle crashes. Whether the victims are young children or elderly individuals, the hardships associated with these losses can be significant. As a result, the surviving family of deceased victims and individuals seriously injured in car accidents may wish to pursue compensation in hopes of lessening those difficulties. 

It was recently reported that a fatal accident took place in Louisiana. The incident involved only one vehicle, and there were two adults and a 7-year-old child inside at the time. Reports stated that the 49-year-old man driving the vehicle failed to navigate a curve, and as a result, the car left the roadway on the right side, hit a pole and overturned. 

Drunk driving may have contributed to Louisiana 18-wheeler crash

Wrong-way drivers are a hazard that most drivers hope to avoid. Unfortunately, these individuals can suddenly come into the path of another vehicle, and as a result, a serious collision could occur. It is not uncommon for drunk driving to contribute to such events, and if an individual is injured or killed, it may be reasonable for a civil claim to be filed.

It was recently reported that a crash between a car and an 18-wheeler truck took place in Louisiana. Reports stated that the driver of the car was a 55-year-old man, and he was traveling the wrong direction on Interstate 12. While traveling east in the westbound lanes, the car collided with the tractor-trailer. The driver was apparently the only individual in the car, and there were at least two individuals in the truck.

Wrongful death: Louisiana crash claims lives

Being a passenger in a vehicle is something that many individuals may take for granted. They may simply think of getting a ride as a convenience with little repercussions. However, passengers could suffer fatal injuries in accidents caused by their drivers, and the victims' families may be left to handle considerable losses and potentially exploring wrongful death claims.

The family of one individual in Louisiana may be looking into this option after a recent accident. Reports stated that a 35-year-old man was driving a vehicle east and traveling at an excessive speed when he lost control of the vehicle. There was also a 29-year-old passenger in the vehicle at the time. The car crossed into the opposite lanes of travel and crashed into a school bus. 

Louisiana automobile accident leaves kids seriously injured

When children are injured, many people may worry and hope that they are able to recover quickly. If an automobile accident is the cause for such injuries, the family of the children may have reason to file personal injury claims against the driver considered at fault. Such claims could allow them to work toward potential compensation.

It was recently reported that a serious accident took place in Louisiana. Apparently, the incident took place at an intersection when the driver of a truck that was traveling north pulled into the intersection and hit the back of a minivan that was traveling west. A witness stated that the driver of the truck came to a full stop at the stop sign before entering the intersection. However, authorities have cited the truck driver with failure to yield. 

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