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Louisiana automobile accident leaves kids seriously injured

When children are injured, many people may worry and hope that they are able to recover quickly. If an automobile accident is the cause for such injuries, the family of the children may have reason to file personal injury claims against the driver considered at fault. Such claims could allow them to work toward potential compensation.

It was recently reported that a serious accident took place in Louisiana. Apparently, the incident took place at an intersection when the driver of a truck that was traveling north pulled into the intersection and hit the back of a minivan that was traveling west. A witness stated that the driver of the truck came to a full stop at the stop sign before entering the intersection. However, authorities have cited the truck driver with failure to yield. 

Dangerous product: Chocolate recalled due to potential allergens

Many individuals with food allergies know that they have to be extra careful with the products they consume. If they fail to check a label or are uninformed about a potential allergen, they could possibly face life-threatening symptoms. Therefore, it is vital that manufacturers ensure that consumers are aware of any potential allergens in their products, and if there is a mix-up, an item could turn into a dangerous product.

Louisiana residents may be interested in a recent recall of Brach's brand chocolates. Reports stated that five ounce bags of the brand's Almond Supremes are being recalled due to a packing mix-up. Though the bags are labeled Almond Supremes, they may contain Bridge Mix. Reports stated that Bridge Mix contains peanuts and wheat, which are both potential allergens. 

Family may look into wrongful death claim after Louisiana crash

Individuals who have been involved in a car crash may face many outcomes. Unfortunately, some parties may not live to see those outcomes as car accidents can easily prove fatal. When fatal tragedies occur, the families of the victims may wish to look into filing wrongful death claims in order to seek compensation for their losses and other damages.

One family may be exploring this legal route after a recent accident in Louisiana. Reports stated that the roadway was wet due to heavy rain when a driver traveling east lost control of his SUV. The vehicle crossed the median and ended up in the opposite lanes of travel on Interstate 10. The SUV crashed head on into a car and then was struck by another vehicle.

Louisiana automobile accident leaves several injured, 2 dead

A serious crash that recently took place in Louisiana involving multiple vehicles left numerous people injured. Reports stated that the automobile accident occurred while emergency crews were working on a previous accident. Authorities had not yet closed the road when a charter bus crashed into a fire engine that was parked at the scene. The bus then hit a car, which struck a pickup truck and a flatbed trailer. After striking the car, the bus then hit three firefighters. 

The firefighters were thrown over a guardrail and landed in the water below the interstate. One of those individuals was declared dead. The two additional firefighters survived the initial incident but were reported as being moderately and critically injured. The moderately injured man was taken to an area hospital while the critically injured man was flown to another trauma center.

18 wheeler accident proves fatal in Louisiana

Multiple individuals were recently injured in a serious crash in Louisiana. Reports stated that the 18 wheeler accident involved two tractor-trailers and five additional vehicles. Reports also stated that the driver of one of the semi trucks was traveling east when he failed to adjust his speed for slowing traffic in a construction zone. The crash took place as a result. 

The truck first struck a car carrying a 70-year-old driver. The impact caused her vehicle to be pushed into the median. The truck continued moving and hit another vehicle, and that vehicle struck a third car. The 18 wheeler then hit a pickup truck that subsequently hit another car. A second semi truck approaching the crash hit one of the already-disabled vehicles. 

McDonald's recall dangerous product provided in kids' meals

Using a product that unexpectedly causes injuries can be shocking for Louisiana consumers. These types of situations can be even more upsetting when the dangerous product is used by a child. If the child is seriously injured due to use of the product, there may be cause to file a product liability claim.

It was recently reported that McDonald's restaurants recalled a prize that came with their kids' meals. The item was an activity tracker that children could wear on their wrists. The items were provided by the company in hopes of encouraging activity in young people, but the trackers were reported as causing injuries. After learning of the danger, the company stopped using the product as a meal prize and issued the official recall of those already in use. 

Louisiana automobile accident results in death of woman

Though individuals may be involved in an accident they consider minor, there is a chance that unforeseen events could take place that cause the severity of the incident to increase. These circumstances could include chain-reaction crashes, hit-and-run incidents and other factors that may complicate an automobile accident. Additionally, such events could cause serious or fatal injuries, and as a result, legal claims may be warranted.

It was recently reported that an accident in Louisiana escalated and caused fatal injuries. Apparently, a 31-year-old woman had been driving her vehicle on Interstate 220 when the back of her car was hit by a pickup truck. She stopped her vehicle and exited in order to assess the damage, and while outside the car, she and the vehicle were struck by another automobile. As a result, she suffered fatal injuries.

Wrongful death claim not unlikely in Louisiana crash

Many serious car crashes could have potentially been avoided if drivers had simply followed road rules. Unfortunately, numerous drivers take actions that are not permitted, and as a result, lives could be and often are lost. When a death occurs as the result of a car accident, the family of the victim may have cause to file a wrongful death claim against the driver considered at fault.

The family of a Louisiana teen may be looking into legal avenues after a recent crash. Reports stated that a 25-year-old woman was driving east when she attempted to pass an SUV in a no-passing zone. During this attempt, the car collided with a second SUV that was traveling west. The first SUV was apparently also involved in the crash, but it was unclear how. 

Dangerous product could cause burns to Louisiana consumers

Louisiana consumers use a variety of products throughout their day. Many of these products may be used in different ways, ranging from consumption to completing a task. If an individual comes in contact with a dangerous product, that person could be at risk of suffering a serious injury. In such cases, claims for financial losses incurred may be warranted. 

It was recently reported that a product was recalled due to a burn hazard. The recalled item is an oven mitt that was distributed through Loot Crate, an online subscription service that ships themed packages containing novelty items. The oven mitt was an item in their May 2016 box and may have been purchased any time from April through May of this year. Reports stated that approximately 360,000 mitts were sold within the United States.

Families may explore wrongful death claims after Louisiana crash

A rear-end collision can have different degrees of severity depending on the circumstances of the incident. In some cases, the accident may simply be a fender-bender that causes little damage with only minor injuries. On the other hand, if a driver is traveling at a considerable speed and crashes into the rear of a vehicle, the collision could cause serious or even fatal injuries. As a result, wrongful death claims could result.

Such claims could stem from a recent accident that took place in Louisiana. According to reports, a tractor trailer had slowed to a stop on the roadway due to backed up traffic caused by a stuck vehicle. A pickup truck traveling behind the tractor trailer did not slow down, and as a result, the pickup crashed into the back of the semi. 

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